Hair Education Company Guest Artists

Acclaimed Local Hair Industry Professionals training our students

Chris Cotton – Hair Royale

“ Enjoyed the demonstration – especially being able to have a go at doing patterns in the hair!”    – Leah Y.

“ I feel my confidence has been given a boost after being able to practice patterns. I also learned more about how to fade edges with half grades to soften the overall look.”  Kayleigh B.

“ We learned about how a cut throat razor works with the hair and how to use different clippers and grades. We were able to use clippers and take part in the demonstration!”  Georgia W.

Garath Parsons - Tony's Barber Shop - HED guest artist

Garath Parsons – Tony’s Barber Shop

“ Gareth gave in depth information on how to carry out fades and at what angle to hold hair and the reasons why. I found it very interesting.” Beth H.

“ The demonstration showed us how to get volume in the fringe with a comb and how to cut longer hair on men. Kim H.

“ Extremely informative about each step that had to be taken, why different tools and products are used and how they affect cutting the hair. I learned about maintaining clippers as well as a lot of other interesting information” Georgia W.

Garath Parsons - Tony's Barber Shop - HED guest artist

Mark Gaughan – The Groom Room

“ Enjoyed the demonstration seeing how to carry out different types of hair and styles. I found it informative especially when shown how to switch between each grade and opening / closing clippers. I learned a lot including how the light and different bones / areas of the head affect the shadows and cut.” Georgia W.

“ I learned about tapering and fading and gained information on new techniques and different ways of thinning. I also learned how the occipital bone plays a big part in any cut.” Jessica S.

“ The transformation of the model’s hair was very interesting! The whole demonstration gave me more understanding of terminology that is used and Mark gave a lot of in depth explanations.” Callum B.

mark gaughan - the groom room - HED guest artist

Alex Walker – Ellipse Education


Kirk Gilfillan – Scissor Warehouse


Chris from AFFINAGE