Level 2 Diploma for the Barbering Professional

Level 2
Barbering Professional Apprenticeship Standards

To enrol as an Apprentice, you will need to work for a recognised salon. Apprenticeships offer a structured programme of training within a full time job. They are a great way to start a career in hairdressing, learning all the vital skills employers look for when recruiting staff. They also allow you to earn a wage whilst developing industry skills.

Is it for me?
Do you enjoy meeting new people, like working with hair, have an interest in fashion and like making people feel good about themselves?

What will I learn?
You will learn a range of hairdressing skills including:-
Shampoo, condition and treat hair & scalp
Cutting hair
Styling Hair
Cutting Facial Hair
Shaving Services
Related Health & Safety

How will I learn?
The majority of your training will be within your salon, however for 1 day per week, you will attend the Academy for continued practical training and theory. You will also work towards Level 1 & 2 Functional Skills in Maths and English if you do not have grade C or above in Maths & English GCSE.

Synoptic testing or End Point Assessment (see overleaf), will take place at the end of the Apprenticeship and will be carried out by an Independent Assessor at an Accredited Centre.

On completion of this qualification you will be able to shampoo and condition hair, cut hair using a range of techniques, style and finish hair to create a variety of looks, cut facial hair and carry out shaving services. You will be able to work with all hair types ranging from straight hair to very curly, wiry hair. You will also be able to carry out consultations with clients, demonstrate the professionalism, values, behaviours, communication skills and safe working practices associated with your role and be able to work without supervision to a high level of precision, with exceptional client care skills.

What is an End Point Assessment?
End Point Assessments are carried out by IAEs (Independent Apprenticeship Examiner) who have no connection with the learner, employer or Training Provider. IAEs are appointed by an Assessment Organisation.

IAEs will observe learners carrying out specified practical tasks – as set out in the Assessment Plan.
There will also be oral questioning to check the learner knowledge, skills and overall understanding.
Learners will be able to retake EPA but must complete the whole assessment, not pick parts they wish to retake – there will be additional costs for any retakes which are unlikely to be covered by funding.

Employers are strongly advised to submit learners for their EPA only when they are confident in all skills, knowledge and behaviour.

HED.Co is here to make the transition to the new Apprenticeship Standards smooth and effective for both employers and apprentices.

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