Why choose hairdressing?

Why choose hairdressing?

A career in the hairdressing industry can offer many different paths towards success. Opportunities include working as a mobile hairdresser, hair stylist, colourist/technician, salon manager or even celebrity stylist. Starting as a junior or assistant in a salon can be an ideal platform to gain knowledge and experience and a NVQ qualification will often enable easier access to jobs in the profession.

At E-Hairdressing we will help you progress from basic starter level to an expert skilled in many different techniques in the hairdressing spectrum. Enroll now.

We offer NVQ and Advanced courses from our Academies of Excellence in Torquay and Exeter. Once you have qualified you can choose your own career path and many hairdressers are able to open their own salon before their peers have finished paying off their student debts.

Learn hairdressing skills and beauty techniques

Make friends whilst you work.

The social aspect of hairdressing and beauty is another great reason to enter this industry. You will get to meet many people throughout your day and working in a team enviroment can be a lot of fun.

Having an outgoing friendly personality can create a bond with your customers and they will come back for more treatments throughout your career. Why not make sure you have the technical skills to make this happen.

Beauty treatments.

There are now many opportunities in the beauty industry as more and more people are taking better care of their appearance and body. Learning how to shape and paint nails will give you a genuine trade that you will be able to profit from for many years to come. Other professional techniques to learn include eyebrow treatments with threading and colouring and also hair removal and waxing.

Our Academy courses can teach you the skills to help get a job or even start your own business.

Let us help grow your business.

We now offer a complete hairdressing management service to help you set up a salon for the first time or get more from your existing business. We offer help with staff, products, training, health and safety, till management and customer booking system. We can also provide a website and a complete social media plan. Contact us for further details here.

Take your hairdressing career to a new level.

Are you already a hairdresser? Do you want to learn new skills and techniques?  Enroll on one of our Advanced Level courses and let our elite team help you become a more profitable hairdresser.

Enhance your employee’s profitability!

Do you manage a salon? Get the most out of your staff by enrolling them on refresher or advanced courses in our Academy. We can train them in the latest beauty and hairdressing methods, expand your business to provide nail treatments and eyebrow techniques.